Guilds are the leading power in Oria. There are many guilds which serve as vast trade empires they for the most part part provide the trade, naval power and Ambiteer that islands need to navigate the deadly oceans. They for the most part allow local governors and kings rule there own area as long as the pay for the guild services and allow there boats to exclusively trade at there port. Most rulers agree to sign up for guilds voluntarily seeing as it provides them with the resources and strength they need to survive. They become known as a Charter.


Guild structure varies from guild to guild, but due to there nature the power tends to be less centralized and allows the Charters to have more autonomy. This isn’t to say that there is no central authority, as war between guilds is not uncommon. Generally speaking, the guilds are led by a Guild masters which are elected from among the Charters.


Guilds are generally divided into charters each ruled by a local ruler. Charters are fairly autonomous allowing them to conduct exploration missions, and can even declare war on other charters., which the guild leadership considers as healthy competition. As a result many times a Charter own more than one island or even entire island chains. When a Charter becomes big enough they are know as a Grand Charter. Charters play and important role in the Guild’s government. They vote on internal policies, external policies, trade policies, and elect a Guild Master. The more value a Charter brings to the Guild in the form of resources, wealth, or manpower the more votes it receives. All Ambiteers are required by law to serve the Guild an no Charter is allowed to have access to them without the Guild Master’s permission.

Guild Masters

Guild Masters are usually the ruler of a Grand Charter with the added benefits of being a Guild Master. They receive tributes from all the other Charters. They can declare all out war on other guilds, in which case all charters are entitled to join. The guild master divides up the spoils as they see fit. They can settle internal disputes and have the final say over laws passed.They are banned from taking islands unlawfully or declaring war within the guild. But also Charters are banned from declaring war on them. Any violation of this law would result in the other Charters turning against the offender.

List of Guilds

Jade Company
Zaeneian Trade Federation
Deoqemore Republic
Setia Bishopric
Stalan Alliance


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